My emotional landscape is ever-changing. Mostly, it’s one of ambivalence and duality. When I feel sadness, a quiet kaleidoscope of my past hurt and regret plays in my head. Beautiful and unredeemable memories push through—slowing down for moments—specific words of others echo louder than ever. At times, I feel jaded and my emotions are cloudy—too dense to comprehend—so I surrender and live in a state of perpetual numbness.I am a lost astronaut exploring the emotional nuances of my mind. GAMUT immerses viewers in my world of ambiguity detached from reality. Along my journey through isolated dreamscapes, feelings of anxiety fade to whims of happiness and then to a realm of clouded haze. The original score for my film uses found and synthesized sounds, adding a sense of spatiality and depth. GAMUT makes sense of what my mental states can feel and look like.

Short film

13 min., 48 sec.

Written, directed, and edited by Massimo Avanzato

Starring Massimo Avanzato

Original Music Composition by Massimo Avanzato

Using Format